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Romsdal Aktiv - Kayak course

Introductory courses

Romsdal Aktiv arranges introductory courses in both sea kayak and still water kayak. Here you learn about the kayak itself and all of the related crucial equipment. On completion of the course each participant will be proficient in kayak handling, the use of oars, life vest and related equipment. A demonstaration of lifting, carrying and launching will be given. An explanation of basic paddling techniques will be given, and you will be advised on the correct procedure for boarding and disembarking from both beach and quay scenarios. It is also very important that you are able to “right up” the kayak in the case of capsize. In-depth discussions will address safety aspects generally, and how to execute life saving methods for yourself and your tour partner. It goes without saying that all tour participants must be able to swim. The minimum age for tour participation if 12 years. Each course lasts for approx. 3 hours. Romsdal Aktiv supplies all equipment. For your part, we advise that you bring outdoor clothing plus a change of clothes, and a towel.

Price : Kr 700 per person - Minimum 5 persons

Special kayak courses

Romsdal Aktiv can also undertake special courses in sea kayak and still water kayak. We are here to assist if you wish to extend your knowledge and proficiency. We offer courses for the individual and groups. If you have further suggestions we'd be glad to discuss them with you. Price is open to negotiation.