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Welcome to Romsdal Aktiv

Romsdal Aktiv in Istra RiverYou now find yourself in the company of ‘Romsdal Aktiv', in a canoe on the winding and idyllic river Istra. The river which runs wild and unabated down from Trollstigen (the Troll-ladder), then changes character dramatically on its course through Isterdalen (Ister valley). The river continues on its serene path through a series of acute bends and "Troll-like" nature. The only distractions are the gentle hissing of waterfalls and rustling trees. You find yourself oblivious to life's stresses as you become engulfed in the tranquillity of your surroundings.

This is the scenario ‘Romsdal Aktiv' has successfully provided to its clients since 1982.
We cater for kayak handling courses, cave expeditions and other nature orientated activities - all of which fulfil the requirements of eco-tourism.


” We leave no trace of our presence in nature, but the allure of nature will be ever present in us”
Villa Romsdal - Apartment and Rooms for rent at Åndalsnes

Villa RomsdalVilla Romsdal is located in a secluded spot at the address Jernbanegatan 10, which is also in an ideal central position within the quaint city of Åndalsnes. All amenities are in close proximity to the Villa i.e. taxi, bus, train, chemists, groceries etc. Villa Romsdal is also the base for the adventure company Romsdal Aktiv.

Villa Romsdal offers the rental of two large apartments and two double rooms. All of which are available for rental by Romsdal Aktiv participants and the general public alike.

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