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Romsdal Aktiv - Gyrodactylus Salaris

Romsdal Aktiv i Istra ElvMany rivers in Rauma are infected by a salmon parasite called ” gyrodactylus salaries”. This parasite is responsible for the death of many small salmon. The names of the infected rivers are Rauma og Istra, Innfjordelva, Isa og Glutra og Skorga. Paddlers which have used one these rivers must immediately remove all traces of water from their equipment and disinfect the equipment prior to moving on to another river.

Gyrodactylus and consideration

Disinfection stations can be found at the following places:

Rauma Trollveggen camping, att. Trygve Leren.

Rauma Åndalsnes camping & Motell.

Rauma Fiva House, att. Vidar Skiri.

Innfjordselva Lensmannsgarden, att. Iver J. Hage.

Isa og Glutra Isfjorden Feriesenter.

Isa og Glutra Vets office - Isfjorden.

Måna. Small craft harbour.


How to behave in nature:  In Norway people have the right to roam the landscape. In brief, this means anywhere that is not cultivated, rivers, fjords and lakes. The provision is that each individual gives due consideration to other people, animals and property.

In our environment, we give fishermen a wide birth. For their part, fishermen conduct themselves accordingly when meeting paddling craft.