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Map and text for Rauma district, where Rauma Aktiv has its activities

Romsdals perl in the crown: Romsdal Aktiv has its base in one of Norways most beautiful regions. Rauma district is found in the county of Romsdal . Åndalsnes is the only city in Rauma and is the natural starting point for famous tourist attractions such as the Troll wall (Trollvegen) and the Troll ladder (Trollstigen). As recently as summer 2008 a figure of 677,910 travellers were recorded as passing through the Troll ladder. This route is now being launched as one of Norways tourist routes.

Once in Rauma, it is relatively easy to find one's own unforgettable experience of a lifetime. With a huge expanse of mountain terrain, forests and rivers around every corner, you can enjoy your own company for as long as you wish!

By car (to Åndalsnes): Approaching from the east/south east you are likely to be on route E6. At Dombås take a left at a roundabout and head along the E136 to Åndalsnes. The Troll ladder (Trollstigen) is on route RV 63 just before you enter the Åndalsnes city limits. Contact us for a pre-arranged meeting point in accordance with the activity you are to embark on.

By train: The Rauma line which services a number of small hamlets runs 114 kilometers from Dombås to Åndalsnes through the wild and breathtakingly beautiful Romsdal valley (Romsdalen). This railway is a tourist attraction in its own right. Rated as one of Norways most awe-inspiring stretches of railroad, this is definately not to be missed. Passing by the Troll wall and the Romsdals horn are amongst the high points. Norwegian rail (NSB) has four return trips on its daily schedule, and has good connections for other parts of the country. During the summer months special guided trips are laid on in addition to scheduled services.

By Plane: The nearest airport to Rauma/Åndalsnes is Molde årø which is approx. 40 miles away (includes 15 minutes on a fjord ferry). This route is also a delight to drive, though the bus service is frequent too.